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The best of the
English countryside

The service, interior decoration and comfort that you would expect from a five star hotel, in a cottage where you can be on your own. Plum Cottages is building a portfolio of 10, wholly owned, carefully located and thoughtfully decorated country retreats, creating the perfect rural stay.


Andrew Hills

As part of the creative team behind Porta Romana, Andrew has a great love for putting together a well curated collection of beautiful objects. Combined with a fascination for interesting buildings, the search has started for a niche portfolio of 10 exquisite cottages.

“To be honest, I have never loved the concept of ‘self-catering’. I have always rather preferred the relaxed style, comfort and luxury of the best country house hotels. So, it’s a huge challenge to me to try and create the country cottage equivalent... and that’s exactly what we’re going to do!”

Cara Naidoo

Cara’s cosmopolitan upbringing nurtured an enduring interest in fashion and style. Having studied in Paris and New York and worked in Marketing and Events in Italy, she developed a strong sense of individual expression and a total belief in exceptional service. As a die-hard Londoner who had one foot in the countryside from an early age, Cara has a vision for creating the perfect rural escape.

“It’s about putting together the antidote to London life. However much you love the City, there’s a dream in driving through green fields to this haven of tranquility. For just a few nights, there’ll be country walks, great pubs and food, log fires, and your own perfect cottage”.
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